A new day, start with a new hairstyle, a beautiful hairstyle will bring people a happy mood, And the braids hairstyle looks more dynamic, This ponytail hairstyle looks intellectual, elegant and playful, Is very suitable for students and office workers, Make a decent make-up for yourself and put on a skirt,you can go out with boyfriend in a beautiful way.
Now,I show how to braided hairstyles for short hair

braided hairstyles

1.Comb your hair straight first

2.then merge the hair on the left and right

3.tie the merged hair with black rubber band

braided hairstyles for short hair

4.leave a small hole in the middle of the hair

5.insert the hair tail into the hole, turn over a circle, as shown in the picture

6.then the hair tail is divided into two sections, tighten the rubber band

7.Same take out the left and right hair

8.dig the hole, reversal, the same steps as above

9.tighten the rubber band

easy braided hairstyles

10.The shape of two braided braids

11.after completion, with hair around the hair tail wrapped around two laps, fixed with a clip

12.the overall effect came out

13.deserve to go up like hair accessories ok cough up, ease of operation index: two stars

14.final effect diagram