#1 The One Minute Messy Top Knot Bun

In a rush? Here’s the perfect hairstyle to keep the messy look and capture some style at the same time.

1. Take the top section of your hair and tease to add some texture, making it easier to pin in place.

2. Take that section and create a messy bun (however you please) and secure with a clear elastic.

3. Use bobby pins to tidy up any strands that stick out and to further secure the bun.

4. If you would like you can pull out pieces of hair at the front to frame your face, and keep with that relaxed, loose, messy look.

5. Add some hairspray to keep the look in place throughout your day.

There you go loves, the perfect bohemian, messy morning rush look.

#2 The Double Knot

Looking for something simple and easy to put together for those natural curls? We have the perfect do for you. You can find this hairstyle from 0:00-2:01 on the video below:

1. Take a small section from the right and take a small section from the left side. 

2. Bring to the back of your head and knot them together like so:

knot hairstyle for frizzy hair

3. Then leave a little bit of a gap and create another knot just below the first one.

4. Grab a bobby pin or two to secure the last knot in place. 

5. This should be able to hold with curly hair because of its texture, but if you feel it will be unstable add another bobby pin and a bit of hairspray. 

#3 Faux Knot Braid

The Faux Knot Braid is the ultimate go to hairstyle for that night out when you don't know what else to do with your hair. Even though it looks very intricate, in reality it's so simple to create on yourself. This is my personal fancy go-to hairstyle as braids really have a way with keeping your frizzy hair in tact. 

1. Brush your hair out to ensure there are no tangles.

2. Take a small section of hair from the right and left sides and knot them together.

3. Secure with a small elastic.

4. Take another small section of hair from the right and left sides and make another knot just under the first one, and secure with a small elastic.

Helpful tip! Continue to braid in the back and avoid bringing the braid to the side to keep the knots aligned. 

5. Repeat step #4 and continue all the way until you've come to a desired length with the knots.

6. Feel free to pull on your bangs at the front of the hairstyle to frame your face and pull off a more relaxed look.