Be Gentle When Combing Natural Hair Wigs

Natural Hair Wigs Natural wigs are made from delicate hair strands that need to be handled with great care. Hence, when combing it, desist from applying too much force or pressure as this can lead to breakage. Avoid using regular rough brushes and combs. In fact, the best don’t need to be combed every day, so let it rest and only comb when necessary.


Take It Off!

After a long day at work, take your natural hair wig off and place it on a wig stand. This stand is specifically tailored to retain its shape as evident from the design. This simple practice will also help to keep the hair fibers intact for many months to come. More importantly, stand should be placed in a clean area that is free from dust to keep the wig especially if you only wear it on a daily basis.


Washing Human Hair Wigs

It is highly recommendable to wash real hair wigs periodically in order to get rid of dust and other forms of debris. Still, you have to steer clear of shampoo meant for natural hair as they contain certain components that aggravate the rate at which strands are falling out. Instead, use normal conditioner. To effectively clean it, saturate it in water for a few minutes before squeezing to remove water. Never wring it as this can compromise the shape of its base. Professional hair stylists’ advice clients to only wash their wig after wearing it for 25 times. Washing it on a daily or weekly basis can make it look less realistic.


Drying Natural Hair Wigs

Silicon Hair Magic Drops & Vitamin SerumMost people are tempted to dry their hair wigs by shaking them in a towel. However, this is not recommendable as it can affect the hair strands. Instead, take time to dry each piece at a time, meticulously, using a soft towel. Also, avoid styling it when wet as this can damage fibers and compromise its appearance.


Conditioning Human Hair Wigs

Use a quality conditioner to keep it looking great and elegant. Apply the conditioner every two or three weeks depending on the number of times that you wear it. Be sure to rinse it completely to prevent the conditioner building up inside the wig.


The Freeda Silicon Hair Magic Drops & Vitamin Serum is also an excellent lotion that you can use on a daily basis, and that will add a beautiful look and shine to your Natural Hair Wig. Furthermore, our silicon and vitamin based serum ensures strength and durability, while giving the hair a healthy look without adding any greasy residues to it.