Some people say happy summer, should be long skirt, beach, sunset, have cool and beautiful that is called comfortable.Just, between beauty and comfort, a lot of long hair beauty has struggled again and again, even want to cut it.

If you love your long hair and want to keep it attractive? Elighty gives you an idea here,  from the mysterious old east, No skills, no tools, no time!Just learn one of the tricks of the mysterious east.You can be free from the hot summer, do not have to be in a bad mood, show yourself!So what is it?

As the name implies, is the appearance of the hair style is similar to bud, bud is plants flower bud period, also is the eve of the flowers in full bloom, senior buds hairstyle  that is to say, like a is going to open but did not open flowers.

Empresa Buds hairstyle nothing special from the front, but the real window is behind the hairstyle, look from behind, there are flower Buds in the shape of a bun, and send out some hair under a bun, the difference between the previous Buds, elsewhere, not only contains a lovely, sweet, implicative, premium pay more attention to the western aesthetic, more than a little wild, exaggeration and show!

With so much to say, is it curious that this Senior Buds hairstyle is exactly what?

1. This hairstyle has a lot of personality.

2. Start with a low ponytail.

3. Make the ponytail fluffy.(Try to make it fluffy.)also you can use your hands.

4. Pinch your hair and then circle it. And then rotate it a couple of times.

5. Then fix it with a small card.

6. Repeat the first two steps.

7. The hair accessories are finished.

8. This is the complete picture.