NO1. heart type face

Characteristics: the wide forehead, the narrow chin is a typical feature of the heart type face, hairstyle should be focused on reducing the width of the forehead, and increasing the width of the lower part of the lower part.

Suitable for hair: the length of hair is best for long or long hair. It is suitable for the fringe or a little side. A large wave of fluffy and soft fever can be sent to the visual effect of widening the chin.

NO2. rhombic face

Characteristics: a diamond shaped face is characterized by a narrower forehead and chin, and a wider zygomatic bone. Hairstyle design should focus on reducing the width of the zygomatic bone.

Suitable for hair: more suitable for perm, in the hairstyle, can be close to the cheekbone hair to do the forward wave, to cover up the cheekbones. The hair of the chin part is puffed out. And be sure to avoid exposing the forehead, don't hold on both sides of the hair comb in the back of the head. For example, a horse tailed or a high disc is not suitable. The most suitable hairstyle near the cheek bone is as close as possible. The hair above and below the cheek is as loose as possible and the bangs are full, which can make your forehead look wide.

NO3. square face

Features: the square face generally broad forehead, chin prominent cheekbones, people are very easy to be dull.

It's suitable for hairstyle: try to add different layers on the fashionable neck and vertical hair. It will generate rough tail flow and build up some face. It will make the face feel smaller, lively and fresh, comb before the tail, cover the two sides of the cheek, and hide the prominent of the chin bones.