dreadlock, kanekalon hair, elighty hair

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20 Inch Crochet Braids Dreadlocks Handmade Crochet...


Size: 20 inch.packaging options: 10 roots / pack or 20 roots / pack.Color: pure Multi-color, 27 colors Optional, Choose According to Your Preferences.Name : Jamaica Handmade Dreadlocks.Materials: 100% Handmade Crochet ,Each one is Meticulously Crafted,Use 0.4mm Type Crochet,Soft and Full Thick.Super..


20 Inch Ombre Handmade Crochet Braids Dreadlocks E...


Size: 20 Inch,Color: Ombre Multi-color, 39 colors Optional, Choose According to Your Preferences.packaging options: 10 roots / pack or 20 roots / pack.Name: Jamaica Handmade DreadlocksMaterials: 100% Handmade Crochet, Each one is Meticulously Crafted, Use 0.4 mm Type Crochet, Soft and Full Thick.Sup..


22 Inch 3 Tone Ombre Color Crochet Dreads Dreadloc...


Size: 22 Inch.Color: 3 Tone Ombre Color, 13 Colors optional.Packing: 10 roots/Pack or 20 roots/Pack, 2 packaging options.Material: 100% Handmade Dreadlocks High Temperature Fiber Synthetic Hair Extensions Reggae,Soft and Full Thick.Note: Usually 30-35 Strands can be a Full Head.Use Note: A..


Dreadlock Extensions Crochet Braids Hair From Maya...


12 colors,2 sizes optional.Hip-Hop Style 10 Strands/PackFeature: 100% Kanekalon fiber.The Dreadlock Extensions are Exquisitely Made and very Realistic. It’s Soft and Comfortable. You will become like a Superstar by using it. It's also the Hairstyle of REGGAE and Hip-Hop Culture.Use Note:Usually 30-3..

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