Everyone has an experience of getting soaked with sudden rain showers and remember how it feels. Water dripping from wet hair, and the unforgettable smell when your wet clothes start to dry. Here comes the story of an innovation which enables your customers to enjoy hot summer weather without worrying about rain showers or pool parties as they can just shake off water from their hair even right out of swimming pool.

Figuring customer demands

For the past two years, many people felt the need of an innovative product with wide variety and superior functionality for a growing braiding market, so a professional market research group was hired to find out complaints and desired changed today’s braid consumers have.

Throughout the consumer research sessions, consumers exhibited a similar behavioral pattern. They frequently scratched their scalp with ballpoint pens or other thin objects. In this regard, a trained market researcher who was familiar with braiding was to have more talks with the consumers.

“When did you have the current braiding done?”

“It’s been about two weeks. I’ve been using dry shampoo, but it doesn’t feel fresh like washing with water.”

This led the employees who had been watching the interviews to think that the most problems of braiding hair were due to the fact that consumers need to stay clear of water. A braiding product that can reduce itchiness on wearers’ scalp would improve many braid consumers’ lives and provide freedom as to the range of activities they can enjoy.

A new specialized raw fiber for braiding that allows consumers to take a shower after work out, sweating or enjoying water sports and also to shampoo the whole hair would definitely solve the itchiness problem.

Most braid hairs would absorb a considerable amount of water when washing with liquid shampoo, so a time-consuming rinsing and drying must be followed. Also, incompletely dried hairs often provide optimal environment for microorganism growth that can lead to itchiness on scalp.

A research and development goal was set to address these problems. A new caliber of braid fiber was under progress with a focus on satisfying all of the consumers’ demands.

When in contact with water, if braid could repel water, then many African American consumers could wash their hair easily and enjoy their lives at a next level. With a surface coat that repels water and resists moisture, that fiber can inhibit bacterial growth.

Another goal in the research and development was reducing weight. After styling, the weight of hair is considerable to wearers, so lighter fiber that gives similar volume is always preferred.

Marginally irritating thanks to soft fiber

A soft-to-touch texture to reduce irritation on hands working with braid hair was yet another goal. Many YouTubers who reviewed this braids positively commented on the texture. For example, one YouTube said, this does not feel like plastic as other products do, and it’s very soft, so it’s less abrasive and doesn’t irritate my hand as much.

Fabric itself repels water and moisture while breathing air, so at the fiber level, the synthetic hair features superb resistance and quick drying time. Even consumers with highly active lifestyle can enjoy the fresh and light feel for a long time.