Hair with texture, from loose barely-there waves to sexy tousled curls, is totally on trend. The look is the perfect complement to fashion’s current hippie-chic vibe and the carefree spirit of summer. Best of all, this waves are best achieved by air-drying your hair, saving your lock form heat damage while you stay cool.

1. Dry your hair with a towel after wetting it.

Wash your hair with shampoo or hair conditioner. You can also wet your hair with water directly and dry it with towel softly. Hair should be damp but not soaking wet.

Someone can do it better if don’t wash their hair for a few days .the nature oil of scalp gives the hair a disorderly fluff.

2. Apply curly condensation to damp hair.

It will be more useful after shampoo and hair conditioner. Apply curly condensation to damp hair from hair root to the end.

3. Part your hair down the center.

Part your hair down the middle, from forehead to nape. Drape the left section over your left shoulder, and the right section over your right shoulder.

4. Braid your hair tightly

Braid your hair tightly from the nape of your neck to the end; secure the braid with rubber bands at the end of hair.

Create 4 sections by dividing your hair again along your ear-line if your hair is too much.

5. Wrap the twisted section around your head and secure it with bobby pins.

Pull the wrapped section over the top of your hair, like a headband, and secure the end with 1 to 2 bobby pins

6. Let your hair dry completely.

How long it takes for your hair to dry depends on how thick your hair is, and how worm it is where you live. Expect this to take at least overnight, about 4 to 6 hours. If you are worried about messing your hair up while you sleep, wrap a silk scarf around your head.

7. Remove the bobby pins and shake out the twists.

Once your hair is completely dry, remove the bobby pins and hair ties, comb your fingers though your hair to loosen up the twists or braids.

8.set your hair with sea salt spray or normal spray.

You can set your hair with special sea salt spray or normal spray.

You can make sea salt spray by yourself. Mix a spoonful of sea salt with 230g water. If you want more texture in your style, put sea salt more, and if you want it less, put sea salt less.

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