Nowadays, there are many different color, different sizes and different styles dreadlocks available, which promote people's aesthetics and enrich people's visual world. However, there are also some inferior dreads braiding hair products, which affect people's wearing experience. So, how to distinguish the quality of the dreads products has become very necessary. Here, the following tips will be expressed: 

        1. Excellent dreadlocks are crocheted with professional hooks by hands ,100% handmade;

        2. Hair tips of excellent dreadlocks are ring buckles, the size of which is reasonable, uniform reasonable; 

        3. The body of excellent dreadlocks from top to bottom has uniform thickness, moderate, natural ends; 

        4. Excellent dreadlocks hair does not fall off, no trivial slag drops also; 

        5. The body of excellent dreadlocks is firm, elastic, touching soft and comfortable, won't feel hard; 

        6. Excellent dreadlocks looks fluffy, also not dry; 

        7. The color of excellent dreadlocks looks bright and natural, do not fade; 

        8. The ring size of excellent dreadlocks is moderate, neighter loose nor tight, when woven it with your own hair, well combined, transition knots natural; 

        9. Excellent dreadlocks are made by high-quality materials, such as kanekalon and other premium synthetic fiber etc., natural, no smell, to the user's own hair, scalp will not be harmful, is healthy ; 

        10. Excellent dreadlocks hair does not produce static electricity, when woven with your own hair, there is no winding, also easy to crochet. 

        11. Excellent dreadlocks are durable,has long service life. 

        From the above several aspects of identification of the quality of dreadlocks, we hope that these instructions will benefit you.