You can fell that every time you washing hair in the salon, your hair are very fresh and oil is relatively slow, you can hold it for a long time. In fact, the key is the process of washing hair. The fifth step has been ignored when you washing hair at home.

There are the simple seven steps can help you get the effect in salon suggested by a professional salon hairdresser. Have a try.

Step 1: Comb

Comb your hair with scalp massage first.

Step 2: Wetting

Wet your hair with warm water to create enough bubbles to make them clean.

Step3: Bubble

Take a moderate amount of the shampoo on the wet hand then kneading and foaming it sufficiently.

The scalp may be over stimulated by shampoo if direct shampoo to the scalp. The effect of bubbling on the top of the head must be worse than that in the palm of the hand and also lead to lack of cleanliness.

Setp4: First cleaning

Clean the surface dirt quickly and wash it. Usually more grease near the scalp, and suggested that chosen shampoo with more strong cleaning power for the first cleaning.

Step 5: Second cleaning

Wash your hair and massage your scalp carefully,and you will fell the shampoo foaming better.Suggested that chosen shampoo suitable for scalp for the second cleaning.For example,damaged hair recommended to choose a soft type shampoo and hot-dyed hair suggested to choose a perm-dyed special shampoo.

Step 6: Condition

Avoid the scalp, spread the conditioner evenly over the hair and don’t need to stay for too long. It can prevent hair scales from spreading and repair hair scales.

Step 7: Drying

It is recommended to wipe the hair with a towel without dripping water, then dry out your hair along it to 7 to 8 points or all dry. In the wet hair condition, the hair scales spreading out, your hair is easy to tie and pull. If blow them to the 7 to 8 points, it will be easy to comb.