A look at the face feature, selected for their wigs, round face girl can choose 37 divisions of fashion wigs remy hair, do not use the bangs to cover up all the forehead, to expose part of the forehead, so as to make the face look slender. The coconut and round face girl can choose some curved bangs. The whole big wavy wig is laid on the lower part with smooth lines. It will make the whole face look lively and streamlined. Long face girl can choose on the 37 boundary straight down the volume of fashion wig hairstyle, must avoid cropped or long straight hair, hair should be adopted to make the face appear longer wider. Square face girl with long curly hair or to the shoulder, making it a natural underground vertical. The girl is perfect face face, choose the relatively wide range, generally choose long hair is good, forehead with bangs with fluffy curly hair on his cheeks the widest part of the cover up, so that the overall feeling will be very harmonious

        Two see skin color, choose a suitable choice of wig wigs, hair color to choose their own color, hair color, skin white girls can choose beige, brown, whitish color although the is a born beauty, but also pay attention to the choice of color is not as if the wig, look very healthy, shallow brown, light brown and very soft this kind of reddish color will make his face ruddy and angry; black girl in hair color to choose some natural black and brown yellow background, will make the beautiful face. The yellow color of the girl choose chestnut, dark brown, natural black and light coffee color and other deeper color system, will make the yellow skin appear much white. Do not choose yellow hair color, it will make the original unattractive skin more ugly. Natural color is the best, look healthy and shiny, choose a hair color room is also great, such as yellow, brown, red, purple, Wine deep coffee is very suitable. If wearing a wig needs to touch light, then choose wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red and so on.

        Through the above contents, how do you know how to choose a wig that you are suitable for? Do you have any idea about how to choose your wig? When we choose a wig, we should not only consider the face and skin color, but also consider the factors such as age and work.