Look at the Daily constellation luck or psychological test seems to be what most girls have to do every day. the theme of constellation are also often used as a source of inspiration for fashion, Stylish hairstyles can also be designed according to the character of different constellations, Do you want to design a hairstyle with your own character of constellations? Let's take a look at the most suitable hairstyle for each constellation!

1.Aries - Double Five-Strand Braid

Aries is Bold and heroic, with conspicuous braid of 5 strands tightly on the head, The shape of a braid of 55 strands is a little like a horn, It is very suitable for the positive Aries girl !

2.Taurus - Braided Bun

The back hairstyle doesn't have to worry about the hair falling down, You can also show the curve of your neck perfectly! Is beautiful and elegant.

3. Gemini - ponytail Braids

Gemini girl is suitable for double cauda ,because Gemini is a pair of twins, a symmetrical hairstyle, with your funny and curious character, will make you more popular

4. Cancer - lobster tail

Because there's a close relationship between the cancer and the lobster, So we can chose fluffy and messy hairstyle similar lobster tail, Such a hairstyle, It looks very gentle.

5. Leo - the crown braid

The Leo girl needs a big crown to set off, So the most suitable for Leo girl's hair is crown hairstylebecause it's enough to attract other people's eyes

6. Virgo - Milkmaid Braid

This hairstyle looks sweet and cordialAnd it doesn't bother you when you work

7. Libra - Circle Braid

Libra symbolizes balance, A circular weave represents peace and harmony and is perfect from any angle.I believe you value the word harmony very much Will love it , of course, and if you add some aqua blue highlights will be better!

8. Scorpio - Cornrows

This braid style looks coolIn addition to showing the perseverance of Scorpio, This hairstyle is symbol of the warrior!

9. Sagittarius/Sagittarius – Katniss Braid

Have you seen the movie of Hunger Games? Are you impressed with the heroine inside? Do you like the braid design of her side? Her hairstyle highlights the character of her SAGITTARIUS: bravery, love of freedom, mastering the initiative! Believe that your constellation can bring you good luck.

10.Capricorn/ - Ladder Braid

Capricorn has an unremitting spiritNever give up before the goal is reached, Believe that a hairstyle like a ladder will be more suitable for you!

11.Aquarius/ Aquarius - Waterfall Braid

This corrugated hairstyle is very like a waterfall, It's very suitable for you , because it looks rich in creativity,the difficulty of knitting technology seems to more make you want to finished it.

12.Pisces/ Pisces - Fishtail Braid

Mild, naive, fantasies of love seem to be common Pisces girl's personality, similar tail hairstyle is seems to be very echoed your personality.