hair Care Tips| Taking 3Times When Washing, Fine, Straight Hair is Yours

        In fact, to do a good job of hair care, you’d just need to make hay while washing hair.

1、Before washing hair, get rid of dandruff

        Before shampoo, you can use the comb with the function of massaging scalp, carry on 30 seconds of scalp to exfoliate, then wash clean with warm water(37℃) carefully. Through this step, the 40%-50% remaining dirt and chemicals on the scalp can be washed out, the shampoo can also be saved. hurry

        (You can also fight dandruff by apply 3 tablespoons vinegar onto your hair and massaging into your scalp before you shampoo.)

2、When you washing your hair, spend more time to washing the remains——shampoo

        Remember, don’t wash your hair in a hurry, or there will be shampoo left. The shampoo left on your hair will suck the moisture away, and it is one of the prime reasons of dry and smell.

3、After washing hair, dry your hair in time

        Falling asleep or going out before drying, like pouring too much water on plants to rot their roots, its damp the hair root and the hair will be damaged over time.

        Relative to the hot wind of the hair dryer, the wet is more harmful to the hair root, and will cause excessive oil secretion of the scalp, even smell.

Three Steps to Cut Your Bangs

        First, comb them into place.

        Then, hold your shears horizontally. Start by trimming less than you think, you’ll need to depending on how overgrown your bangs are. Cut a little bit time with the tip of the scissor blades, which gives you more control.

        Finally, cut by holding your scissors vertically so you’re cutting into the bangs. Then, moving very slowly back and forth, snip into the hair you want with the scissors. They will shorten up while maintaining a nice, soft edge.

        (The point of cutting bangs of a natural style, is the way of hold shear——horizontally first vertically then, even though there is no time to salon, you can give yourself a nice bangs.)

Make your bangs looks good in three 

        Step1: make your bangs dry with towel, the hair root especially.

        Step2: Wrap your bangs in a hair roller; blast them with a blow-dryer.

        Step3: Take out your curlers or bobby pin, and brush out bangs with your hands. Lightly spritz them with flexible hold hairspray to maintain their shape throughout the day.

How to Color Your Hair at Home
        Before color your hair, applying amino acid revitalite hair conditioner onto your hair and blast them with a blow-dryer, then move on to coloring all of your hair as you normally would.
        This will help to achieve a uniform color throughout your hair.
        The reason for the failure of DIY hair dyeing is shades. The end result is hair with a different color because the different quality of hair has different effect of absorbent tint. Therefore, hair conditioning property will give you a bigger chance of getting even and shiny color right down to the hair roots.