Dutch braid style is the reverse of French braid style,doing dutch braid seems very difficult,actually it's very easy.When you do it,All you need to do is to make every strand of hair inter weaved forward the bottom instead of inter weaved upward.If you have already got the skill of braiding French hair style and want to try something new, dutch braid style is a good choice.let's get together to learn these simple steps.

        1st step:Ready to Start.

        Be sure to comb it smoothly without knot whether your hair half dry or all dry,if static electricity would cause it to fly when you comb your hair,You can wet it with a bit hair spray.

        2nd step:Hold One Strand of Your Hair

        Hold a strand of hair from your head(if you want to make up it including bangs, holding bangs as well).and keep it about 3 to 5 Inch wide and around 1 Inch thick.

        3rd step:Divide the Hair Held Into 3 Bundles Evenly and Pass The Right One Under the Middle

        4th step:Pass the Left One Under the Middle Also

        5th step:Repeat the doings above, pass the right one down from the middle, and then leave the left one underneath the middle.

        6th step:after taking the right one from the middle and then hold some of the remaining hair from the right side.

        7th step:after taking the left one from the middle and then hold some of the remaining hair from the left side.

        8th step: both the left one and the right one are set up through the middle hair each time,and then another strand of hair from each side is continued to plait into your braid.

        9th step:Repeat the process above until the braid is made up to the back neck.

        10th step:It ends with a common braiding method after the hair is made up.(but it should be braided from the bottom rather than from the top).

        11th step:Finally,use a rubber band to tie up the braid, and then use a little hair spray to keep it shining.

        12 step:the braid will be finished.


        1st:you should start from the top of your head as far as possible when you braid your hair, and try to keep each strand of hair tight rather than loose,so that it looks vigourious and younthful.

        2nd:learn French braiding in advance, dutch braiding will be very simple.

        3rd:If your hair is soft or messy, just take a little hair spray to keep it smooth,or use a clip to fasten it.

        4th: being happy is the most important when you are about to try a new hairstyle! You can also use some bright and colorful beads to highlight your braid.

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