Mohawk braid by elighty hair, how to do it.The mohawk braid is a hairstyle in which, both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. This is a very popular fashion hairstyle. Here Elighty hair will going to teach you how to do it

mohawk braid

1. First combe the hair smoothly.

2. Grab the hair in the middle of the front.

3. Then roll it up and fix it with a hair clip.

4. The remaining hair was tied up with a rubber band.

5. Loose the hair that is fixed on the front.

mohawk braid styles

6. Divide a wisp of hair in front into 3 shares, begin to weave braids.

7. Each knot,each weave ,join a bundle,till the top of head.

8. After the braid is finished, fix it with a rubber band, fix the hair at the top of the head, loosen the rubber band, then adjust the hair into loose flower buds by hand, finally fix with hair glue.

9. Unfasten the fixed hair behind.

10.Get a curling iron ready for preheating,as well as wearing heat-resistant gloves.

mohawk hairstyle

11.Grab a strand of hair and wrap it around the heat sticker, after a few seconds, release it and the hair becomes curled.

12.The remaining hair does this also.

13.Comb the curled hair well.

14.Use a bit hair oil.


mohawk braid

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